What is PITCH

Property PITCH SWFL is a Group for Real Estate professionals to come together.
(Realtors, Builders, and Affiliates in the industry).


Realtors can announce their listings, buyers needs, and open house events.  This will ultimately help sell more homes in our SWFL area.

Bring flyers to share, price changes, open house events, business cards, and invite other agents.

The more agents attending, the more opportunity for listings to get exposure as well as  buyer needs to be met.

Adding the PITCH to listings appointments, is a another way to show sellers you are making every attempt to expose their home in the market.   Highlighting their home in face to face networking is the ideal way to sell it faster.

Each PITCH session will include great networking, featured listings, real estate education that you can really use,  refreshments & giveaways from our sponsors!   All realtors who attend the PITCH will have their listings and buyer needs posted here on the blog to support the marketing.

JoannFrazierRealEstate@gmail.com or call with questions, 239-464-0671

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Affiliates can sponsor a PITCH.  For details on being a Sponsoring Affiliate please contact the PITCH organizers,  Joann Frazier, Real Estate Associate (239) 464-0671 

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